Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016

Hornbæk, Denmark August 26 - September 2 - 2016





is proud to be main sponsor for this year’s Dragon Gold Cup in Hornbaek.


ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK is a Danish lifestyle brand founded in 1993 in the idyllic seaside town of Hornbaek, in the northern part of Denmark. Hornbaek is a summer resort village and the backdrop for Danish Designer Ilse Jacobsen's life and creativity.


Inspired by the natural and raw beauty of her surroundings, Ilse Jacobsen generates and determines the ideas for the ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBAEK lifestyle company that encompasses the fashion brand ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK, the BLOMSTEN by ILSE JACOBSEN flower shops, the luxurious spa KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN and the award winning ILSE by ILSE JACOBSEN spa and beauty products.


ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK embraces Scandinavian simplicity and cool comfort in outstanding balance with modern urban living in designs for clothes, shoes, rainwear and the brand’s iconic handmade rain boots. ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK rain boots have become a leading design icon in Scandinavia, are worn by celebrities around the world and loved by women of all ages.


Today, the brand is sold in more than 2000 shops in 25 different countries. ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK includes 24 concept stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the UK as well as 5 flower shops, 11 shop-in-shops and the KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN spa in Hornbaek.


KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN is the perfect spa for ultimate relaxation, self-indulgence and luxury treatments. Inspired by the luxurious seaside village of Hornbæk and Ilse Jacobsen’s own lifestyle, KURBADET offers a luxury spa experience for the body, mind and soul. At KURBADET, treatments are performed using the ILSE by ILSE JACOBSEN luxury line of spa products.


The spa focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and health, and includes a spa area with a steam room, sauna and a 34-degree heated indoor pool. In addition, the indoor facilities are complemented with a large outdoor 34-degree heated pool giving the opportunity to swim all year round. A large sun terrace gives guests the opportunity to relax between treatments, enjoy the sun, and the beautiful view of the sea. The spa also offers a variety of treatments performed by professional beauty and healthcare personnel.


In the adjoining restaurant you can enjoy healthy and tasty dishes made from quality ingredients. The kitchen is inspired by the new Nordic gastronomy, based on seasonal ingredients and naturally with a focus on health, quality and flavour. The restaurant is a natural extension of the spa as well as its holistic focus on wellness and self-indulgence.