Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016

Hornbæk, Denmark August 26 - September 2 - 2016



September 2, 2016:


And the winner of Dragon Gold Cup 2016 is: SUI 311 - Skipper Hugo Stenbeck and crew Martin Martin Åke Westerdahl and Bernardo Freitas. Congratulations!!!


August 31, 2016:


Hi all skippers at Dragon Gold Cup 2016:


26th August – 2nd September 2016

Ammendment # 4 to Sailing Instructions (SI):

The SCHEDULE in paragraph 6.2 is changed:
Thursday September 1st     Racing (first warning signal)         10.00

2 (two) races are scheduled for September 1

Skippers meeting be held at 08.00 Hrs.

31 August 2016

Christian Lerche, PRO


August 29, 2016:


Hi all skippers at Dragon Gold Cup 2016:


Due to the heavy winds the water level in the harbor has reached a higher level.

We recommend all skippers to pay attention and look after their Dragons.

Stig Rahbek

+45 2065 7754

Bureau Manager
Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup
Hornbæk Både Klub


August 29, 2016:


Click on link for overall results from Race 1 in Dragon Gold Cup 2016:







August 29, 2016:



Ammendment # 3 to Sailing Instructions (SI):

The SCHEDULE in paragraph 6.2 is changed:
Tuesday August 30th Racing (first warning signal) 10.00
2 (two) races are scheduled for Tuesday August 30th

Skippers meeting at 08.00 Hrs.

29 August 2016

Christian Lerche, PRO


August 2016:

Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016

75 Dragons expected in Hornbæk


In six weeks’ time, the Danish hamlet of Hornbæk will be welcoming around 75 of the world’s best Dragon teams for this year’s Gold Cup – one of the world’s most prestigious regattas. Perched on the northern coast of the capital island Zealand – or Sealand as some prefer to call it, Hornbaek’s hosting of the Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016 is the latest in a string of Dragon championships to be held off the coast of this small but vibrant sailing community.


A strong sailing triumvirate - Hornbaek Boat Club, the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY) and Hellerup Sailing Club - will be welcoming all-comers from August 26 to Sept. 2, three years after the North Zealand club was asked to house the 2016 championship.


Initiated back in 1937 by the Clyde Yacht Club Association (CYCA) to unite as many competitors of different nationalities as possible in a friendly atmosphere, the Dragon class Gold Cup has captured the imagination of many of the world’s leading sailors.


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With just over a month left to the start of this year’s race, the 25 land volunteers from Hornbaek and almost as many helpers from KDY and Hellerup Sailing Club on the water, are putting the final touches to what promises to be a great event.


“Some 60 participants are currently registered and I expect around 75 – but the more the merrier and we can cater for as many Dragons as care to take part,” says Hornbaek Boat Club’s commodore, Julian Isherwood.


Apart from the many Danish crews taking part this year, the fleet is already living up to the CYCA motto, with a broad section of international Dragons taking part. Crews from Germany, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates are also taking part.


From July 15 – 22, Dragons will be holding their European Championships in St. Petersburg and Isherwood expects some of the participants there to decide on taking part in the Gold Cup during or after St. Petersburg.


While Hornbaek Boat Club will be responsible for activities on land, KDY, which this year celebrates its 150th anniversary, and Hellerup Sailing Club will be responsible for the sporting activities at sea.


“We are aiming to develop our cooperation into a continuing collaboration between the three clubs to form a strong future partnership at several levels,” says Royal Danish Yacht Club Commodore Lars Ive.


Unlike many other major regattas, the Dragon Gold Cup has only one longer race per day, with organisers facing an extra challenge of making sure that all are aware of the various activities in and around Hornbaek so that afternoons and evenings can be spent in social gatherings for crews and families.


In order to provide space for such a large number of competing vessels, Hornbæk Harbour has built a new pier, where all of the Dragons will be able to berth together. “We felt that it was important to extend the existing Royal Pier in the outer harbour, so that all of the Dragons could be in one place. It will be a fantastic sight to have these beautiful boats lined up, and much easier to manage for both sailors and organisers,” says Isherwood, who apart from bring commodore of the Hornbæk Boat Club is also a member of the private harbour’s board.


The Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek fashion house is main sponsor for this year’s event, which is also partnered with Sport Event Denmark, Visit Nordsjælland and not least Elsinore Municipality. Nearby Elsinore houses Kronborg Castle, where Shakespeare chose to locate Hamlet – probably the world’s greatest tragedy. As part of the 400th anniversary celebrations for Shakespeare, this year’s Dragon Gold Cup has been dubbed the Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016.


Check out the DGC 2016 limited edition collection from main sponsor  and designer Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk click the link to the left



Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk, the main sponsor of Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016, has designed a limited edition Dragon Gold Cup Collection.



The Dragons’ Lair


Work has begun in Hornbaek harbour on a full extension of the Royal Jetty to moor all of this year’s Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup dragons in one place.


There will be space for all participating Dragons in a reserved and closed off area next to the large Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk beachside social event location. “Hornbæk Harbour is creating a great location for this year’s dragons with a truly attractive new set of moorings designed for ease of use,” says Hornbæk’s Harbour Master Allan Vodder.


Apart from pilings, modern flex buoys are to be installed rising 1m 20cm above the water to make berthing easier. A 112 metre boardwalk is to be built to include two rest platforms up a small flight of steps up to the western breakwater giving spectacular views north to Sweden, west to one of Denmark’s best beaches and east across the harbour. Water depth in the lagoon is 2.5metres.


Looking forward to seeing you in Hornbæk. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Scandinavia’s Riviera for probably the best Dragon Gold Cup ever.



Ahoy there Dragon sailors around the world!


Hornbaek Boat Club, the Royal Danish Yacht Club and Hellerup Sailing Club are and happy and proud to welcome you to the Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016 – with preparations for the event starting August 26 well advanced.


The event, which is being realised in a close private-public cooperation with Elsinore Council, Sports Event Denmark and Visit North Zealand, promises to be one of the main sporting events of the year, with a strong international fleet competing for the prestigious Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association’s Gold Cup.


Sailing conditions off the Hornbaek coast are ideal for the lengthy Gold Cup courses. The waves start up in Norway, with steady winds and at times playful currents issuing from the narrow Elsinore strait at the mouth of the Baltic approaches – enough to make even the most seasoned sailors and judges dizzy.


East of Hornbaek lies Elsinore – home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – while to the north the imposing cliffs of the Kullen peninsula in Sweden and west to Nakkehoved lighthouse – the northernmost point of the capital island Zealand.


It is here that the drama of the Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016 is to be played out, with a professional water and land organisation designed to meet the high expectations of Dragons from across the world.


Hornbaek Boat Club’s cooperation with the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY) and Hellerup Sailing Club (HS) brings together three of the region’s leading sailing venues and clubs, and a guarantee that only the unlikely event of inclement weather can temporarily put the brakes on the five days of the occasion.


The expertise of the three clubs holds the promise of an unforgettable week. On-land activities will be offering plenty of socialising for sailors, judges and helpers, under the guidance of Hornbaek Boat Club, while the sporting event is being run by an A-team from KDY and HS.


Hornbaek may not be the luxury of Sardinia’s Porto Cervo, or one of the other luxury spots Dragons visit each year. But the area has the charm and elegance that others strive for and pump investment into, but often fail to achieve. At Hornbaek, the entire town is dedicated to providing the sport and social opportunities of the weeklong Dragon event.


The Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk fashion empire is main sponsor for the event. Elsinore Municipality and the national SportsEvent Denmark and Visit North Zealand are backing the event and Hornbæk Harbour itself is expanding to secure assembled berths for the more than 80 boats expected to attend.


Hornbaek Boat Club, the Royal Danish Yacht Club, Hellerup Sailing Club and Dragons have a lengthy relationship together. It is a relationship that will blossom yet against in the last week of August.


So come and join us in holding ‘Probably the best Gold Cup ever’ in the heart of the Scandinavian Riviera.


Also join our active  Facebook-group "Dragon Gold Cup 2016 Hornbæk"


We look forward to welcoming you and your crew in Hornbæk Aug. 26 – Sept. 2.


Commodore Julian Isherwood, Hornbæk Boat Club


Commodore Lars Ive, KDY (Royal Danish Yacht Club)


Commodore Jesper Kamp Nielsen, Hellerup Sailing Club



Hornbæk Bådeklub (HBK) is happy to announce, that the planning of the Dragon Gold Cup 2016 is going according to plan. Right now HBK is establishing 60 new berths in addition to the already existing 100. All 160 berths will be ready for use well ahead of time of the opening of the Cup. A new boardwalk will be ready to use by the month of May.

Please join our Facebook-group 'Dragon Gold Cup 2016 Hornbæk'. Here you will have all the latest news and be able to share your comments with other members. Join the group today and watch, like and share our video showing the relocation of 15,000 m3 sand - this will make Hornbæk’s famously white, sandy beach nicer than ever.

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All at HBK are looking forward to an intense competition in our super regatta area. We will do our very best to create a blast of a Dragon Gold Cup 2016 in Hornbæk


26-01-16 NoR: The Notice of Race has now been posted on the website.


20-01-16 NoR: The Notice of Race is currently in the final stages of being approved by the International Dragon Association and the Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association.


The NoR will be posted on this site as soon as it has been approved.








Martin Payne, to many Dragons better known as Stavros, talks to PRO Christian Lerche and IDA Treasurer Kasper Harsberg in Hornbæk Harbour, location for this year’s Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup. The new area of the harbour is currently under construction so that all participating Dragons can be moored in Hornbæk lagoon.


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20-01-16 NoR: The Notice of Race is currently in the final stages of being approved by the International Dragon Association and the Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association.


Countdown to Dragon Gold Cup



The buzz in and around the seaside resort on the Danish riviera, Hornbæk, is a sure sign that the towns people and the organisers are ready for hosting this year's Dragon Gold Cup.



A total of 80 crews have registered for the event and will compete for one of the world's most prestigious trophies. T


"We are pleased to host the Gold Cup in Hornbæk and to welcome all 240 sailors, including the Crown Prince. He will also this time be sailing his boat “Nanoq”, " says Julian Isherwood, Commodore of Hornbæk Boat Club and Race Director for this year's Dragon Gold Cup.


Started in 1937


Dragon Gold Cup is one of the oldest of the recurring regattas. It started back in 1937, when the trophy was donated to the Dragon Class by Scottish Clyde Yacht Clubs Association. The Scotsmen still work with The International Dragon Asociation in organizing the annual Cup



"Most sailors who come to the Gold Cup regatta are often also sailing in other classes, and they are some of the world's best sailors - both at professional and amateur level. Thus, it is always exciting to watch the races because several types of sailors participate together," says Isherwood.




Participants from 15 nations will compete in this year’s Cup. They will come from as far away as Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. Also, many European countries are represented including a strong fleet of Danish boats.


Mayor opens the tournament


The tournament will be opened this Saturday by Elsinore's mayor Benedikte Kiær. If the wind behaves, the races can take place relatively close to land. It will give the audience a great view to follow the races.


"The event is a collaboration between Hornbæk Boat Club, Royal Danish Yacht Club and Hellerup Sailing Club, where the last two clubs are responsible for the competition on the water. And with lifestyle universe Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk as the main sponsor and the partners Sport Event Denmark, Elsinore Municipality and Autohuset Hørsholm as well as numerous other benevolent sponsors, we look forward to many exciting races, "adds Julian Isherwood.


The first race takes place Sunday at noon, and the boats are expected to return about 3 pm.



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